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Publications are arranged following the chronological order of the last date of publication. For a better research use the different filters and the search function, or feel free to use our decision tree for an overview of the solutions and the corresponding videos, webinars and factsheets:


Farm visit - Marcin Gwizdala's

20.06.2024 | Video

(Re)educate and inform the (young) public about farming (Fro de Bauer)

20.06.2024 | Video

Group housing of calves

20.06.2024 | Video

The beef sector and its role in carbon farming

20.06.2024 | Webinar

How mid infrared spectroscopy of milk could contribute to improve sustainability

14.06.2024 | Webinar

Use of recycled manure solids as bedding material

14.06.2024 | Video

Cow-calf contact system

14.06.2024 | Video

Innovations on two dairy farms Netherlands

12.06.2024 | Webinar

Les veaux laitiers: un mâle nécessaire?

30.05.2024 | Webinar

Sharing grass related innovations to enhance the resilience of European dairy farms

30.05.2024 | Presentation

Use of an exoskelet

27.05.2024 | Video

Searching for Dairy Farm Resilience with the R4D Project: Innovation Needs to Be Sustainable

27.05.2024 | Article

Production impact of herd health problems on dairy cattle farms

16.05.2024 | Webinar

European Workshop in Bilbao

29.04.2024 | Article

Measures to reduce the number of mastitis and somatic cells in milk

29.04.2024 | Webinar

Selective dry cow therapy: yes we can!

23.04.2024 | Webinar

Dairy Sector in Slovenia

05.04.2024 | Webinar

The potential of multispecies swards for eco-efficient dairy production in Northern Germany

03.04.2024 | Webinar

Trends and technologies in slurry management

28.03.2024 | Webinar

Resilience of the Danish dairy sector

20.03.2024 | Webinar
Speaker: Søren Østergaard profesor, Dept. of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Aarhus University, Denmark.

Topic : This webinar will describe the dairy cattle sector in Denmark. The most important needs and some solutions as assessed by the Danish R4D pilot farmers will be outlined.

Strategies to reduce enteric methane emissions

14.03.2024 | Webinar

Rapid nutrition and on-site methods for feed analyses and challenges of feeding in milking robot

28.02.2024 | Webinar
1. Introductions by University of Debrecen (Dr.Czeglédi Levente)
2. Replies by Hungarians guests

Tamas Toth, Research Professor, Hungary
Istvan Forgo, Head of Ruminant Division, Hungary

Presentation of the PastureBase (grass) app

22.02.2024 | Webinar
Link to register for newsletter-:
Link for PastureBase Ireland-:

Use of an automated spraying system for biotechnological products on livestock farms to reduce the environmental impact of agricultural biodegradable waste

22.02.2024 | Webinar
This webinar was organised by our colleagues from Lithuania.

- Alvydas Pečiulaitis, consultant of the Chamber of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania
- Rimas Budrys, an expert of project

Protein Self sufficiency: an indicator for resilience in dairy?

22.02.2024 | Webinar
This webinar was organised by Charel Thirifay from Convis association in Luxembourg.

Environmental challenges with intensive livestock production

22.02.2024 | Webinar
This webinar was organised by Wageningen University and Research (Paul Galama & Abele Kuipers) in cooperation with IFMA (International Farm Management Association).
International guests involved:
- Trevor Atkinson (president IFMA)
- Adam Cieślak (Poznan University of Life Sciences, Poland)
- George Ramsbottom (Teagasc, Ireland)

Selective dry cow therapy and selective treatment of non severe clinical mastitis

24.01.2024 | Webinar

Early group housing of calves

11.01.2024 | Webinar

LEAN Management Part 4 - Standard Work on farm

02.01.2024 | Webinar

LEAN Management Part 3 - Visual Management

02.01.2024 | Webinar

LEAN Management Part 2 - the 8 Wastes on farm

02.01.2024 | Webinar

LEAN Management Part 1 - Introduction to LEAN Thinking

02.01.2024 | Webinar

Climate approach for dairy farmers : Klimreck climate tool

16.11.2023 | Webinar

Invitation for webinars on LEAN Management

09.11.2023 | Presentation

EAAP - Labour: a key factor in the resilience of the European dairy farmer

09.11.2023 | Presentation
Presentation from Sandra Debevere (INAGRO) at the EAAP conference 2023 in Lyon (B).

R4D Webinar- Carbon Sources & Sinks, Global Livestock Systems

02.11.2023 | Webinar
This webinar has outlined the journey and results of a pioneering carbon project in Northern Ireland which has demonstrated that farms can make structured progress towards Net Zero.

Under Northern Ireland’s Climate Change Act (2022) businesses must cut emissions by 48% before 2030 and make a 100% reduction, or reach Net Zero, by 2050.

Agriculture in Northern Ireland is key to those targets as the largest contributor to its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, accounting for about 27% of the total output.

Because of this figure, NI farmers have been a major focus for policymakers, campaigners and the media.

However, these groups have persistently overlooked the fact that, unlike other sectors, agriculture has a capacity to capture, manage and store carbon.

(ARCZero) was a European Innovation Partnership project made up of seven farms in Northern Ireland along with AgriSearch, Queen's University and Devenish.

It sought to measure and manage carbon flows at the individual farm level to empower farmers to make positive change towards carbon zero farming.

At this webinar ARCZero Chair Professor John Gilliland outlined the pioneering work done by the projects and the results to date.


26.10.2023 | Webinar

Caseus Veneti 2023

23.10.2023 | Presentation
Presentations from Caseus Veneti 2023:
- Introduction (Serena Soffiantini, CRPA & Valérie Brocard, IDELE)
- Colostrum Management (Sandra Debevere, INAGRO)
- Measuring young stock for optimal growth (Sandra Debevere, INAGRO)
- Hoof trimming ( George Ramsbottom, TEAGASC)
- MastDecide (Kelly Schmit, LTA)

EAAP - Strategies and cases of resilience from dairy farms in Slovenia

23.10.2023 | Presentation
Poster from Marija Klopcic (UL) at the conference EAAP 2023 in Lyon (B).

EAAP - Assessment of solutions for the dairy sector

23.10.2023 | Presentation
Presentation from Abele Kuipers (WUR) at the EAAP conference 2023 in Lyon (B).

EAAP - Eco-efficient low cost dairy production on a mixed farm in Northern Germany

23.10.2023 | Presentation
Presentation from Ralf Loges (CAU) at the EAAP conference 2023 in Lyon (B).

EAAP - Spezialized or Integrated Systems: On-Farm Eco-Efficiency of Dairy Farming in Northern Germany

23.10.2023 | Presentation
Presentation from Ralf Loges (CAU) at the EAAP conference 2023 in Lyon (B).

EAAP - Reducing greenhouse gases in dairy cattle farming through innovative technologies for herd management, genetic improvement and feeding

23.10.2023 | Presentation
Presentation from Doc. E. Gedgaudas (ZUR) at the EAAP conference 2023 in Lyon (B).

EAAP - Factors contributing to the financial resilience of spring-calving pasture-based dairy farms

23.10.2023 | Presentation
Presentation from George Ramsbottom (TEAGASC) at the EAAP conference 2023 in Lyon (B).

EAAP - Innovative solutions supporting resilience of dairy farms in Netherlands

23.10.2023 | Presentation
Presentation from Paul Galama (WUR) at the EAAP conference 2023 in Lyon (B).

EAAP - Resilience of contribution to food security of specialized Walloon dairy systems

23.10.2023 | Presentation
Presentation from C. Battheu-Noirfalise (CRAW) at the EAAP conference 2023 in Lyon (B).

EAAP - Needs of the Dairy Sector: a Hungarian Overview

23.10.2023 | Presentation
Presentation from Levente Czeglédi (UniDeb) at the EAAP conference in Lyon (B).

R4D Webinar Challenges, Needs and Solutions of the Lithuanian Dairy sector

16.10.2023 | Webinar
Lithuania has arround 22000 dairyfarms. In this webinar specialists and dairy farmers inform about challenges and innovative technologies they use.

3rd international workshop @ Caseus

06.10.2023 | Webinar
Last Friday, the 3rd international workshop within Caseus Veneti took place. During an online conference, our partners presented the first 4 solutions elaborated in the R4D project:
- MastDecide (LTA)
- Strategic hoof trimming (TEAGASC)
- Colostrum Management (INAGRO)
- Young stock weight (INAGRO)

High welfare floor at the pilofarm Simon Čretnik

02.10.2023 | Video
Simon Čretnik keeps 55 cows in a very innovative freestall barn with a high welfare floor.

EAAP - Inventory and Analysis of needs towards resilient dairy farming in 15 european countries

22.09.2023 | Presentation
Presentation from Serena Soffiantini (CRPA) at the EAAP conference 2023 in Lyon (B).

EAAP - Resilience of Dairy Farming: the farmers' point of view

22.09.2023 | Presentation
Presentation from Elisabeth Castellan (IDELE) at the EAAP conference 2023 in Lyon (B).

EAAP - Needs and solutions related to resilience in the European dairy sector

22.09.2023 | Presentation
Presentation from Kaisa Kuoppala & Marketta Rinne (LUKE), Natasha Brown (TEAGASC) and Valerie Brocard (IDELE) at EAAP conference 2023 in Lyon (B)

EAAP - Sharing knowledge to improve sustainability and resilience of the dairy sector

22.09.2023 | Presentation
Presentation from Valerie Brocard (IDELE) at the EAAP conference 2023 in Lyon (B).

Challenges, Needs and Solutions of the Polish Dairy sector

18.09.2023 | Webinar
In Poland, the dairy sector stands as a robust pillar of agricultural exports and production. However, technological disparities among producers raise concerns about the industry's long-term competitiveness. This is where agricultural advisory services come into play. With new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) regulations on the horizon, these services are pivotal in offering ongoing farm management guidance. Additionally, the emerging generation of dairy farmers, keen to reduce labor while maintaining production, reflects a shift in industry aspirations. These interconnected issues highlight the critical need for specialized advisory support to ensure the sector's resilience and sustainable growth.

Resilience of the Finnish Dairy Sector

08.09.2023 | Webinar
Presentation of the Finnish Dairy Sector by Marketta Rinne and Kaisa Kuoppala from LUKE Institut.
The Boreal environmental conditions set the limits of agricultural production in Finland. Dairy is an important sector because possibilities to grow directly human edible crops are limited. Grass silage dominates the forage production of Finnish dairy cattle, and grass production provides many ecosystem services. The consumers are however concerned about the environmental impact and animal welfare of the livestock sector, so that dairy farmers face high pressure from the society.

Structure national webinar 23/06/23 - Labour Efficiency on Dairy Farms (Flanders, Belgium)

31.08.2023 | Presentation
see the webinar here

Climate Scan Part 2: Carbon Footprint, Climate Measures, Optimal number of young stock & Grass-clover by Inagro

28.08.2023 | Presentation

Climate Scan Part1: Klimrek: From LCA to climate traject by Inagro

28.08.2023 | Presentation

Nutrition of dairy cattle in Flanders by Inagro

28.08.2023 | Presentation

Measuring growth of young stock by Inagro

28.08.2023 | Presentation

15 examples to work more efficiently on dairy farms by Inagro

28.08.2023 | Presentation

R4D Webinar 21/06/23 - L’esperienza di agronomia circolare della Società Agricola Capitello

28.08.2023 | Webinar
Discussion on the resilience of the Italian dairy sector with pilot farmers involved in the project.

National webinar 23/06/23 - Labour Efficiency on Dairy Farms (Flanders, Belgium)

28.08.2023 | Webinar
The national webinar on June 23, 2023 in Belgium, which was conducted in Dutch, addressed labour efficiency in dairy farms in Flanders, Belgium. The objective was to improve the efficiency of participants' dairy farms, reduce workload, and strengthen cooperation with their staff or family members.
Speakers: Kristine Piccart from Cow Coach, Ilse Louwagie from Inagro, and dairy farmer Carine Cornu, who is also a pilot farmer for the R4D project.

R4D Pilotfarm Visit - Toni Kukenberger (Slovenia)

23.08.2023 | Video
Discover Toni Kukenberger's Slovenian farm, his practices and his plans for the future in terms of resilience.

R4D Pilotfarm Visit - Jakob Dolinar (Slovenia)

03.08.2023 | Video
Discover Jakob Dolinar's Slovenian farm, his practices and his plans for the future in terms of resilience.

3rd European R4D workshop and cross-visits in Slovenia

03.08.2023 | Video
More than a hundred participants, including farmers, advisors and other professionals from the dairy sector coming from the 15 European countries involved in the project met in July for 4 days in Slovenia for the third R4D European workshop and cross visits.

Five Slovenian farms were visited and the participants had the opportunity to share their opinions and discuss the practices they found interesting or not. The participants were surprised to discover dairy farms that were completely different from those in their country: mountain farms, very modern farms, farms located in the middle of villages, and many others.

During the European workshop, the farmers were able to present the solutions implemented on their farms. The discussions, discoveries and encounters were very inspiring, helping to strengthen collaboration between the participating countries and gather a lot of ideas to improve the resilience of dairy systems.

R4D article in The Irish Farmers Journal

24.07.2023 | Article
Following the visit of R4D's French partners in Ireland at Moorepark Open Day 2023 organised by Teagasc, an article was written in the Irish Farmers Journal about the R4D project.

Part II - R4D Presentation at the 22nd EGF-Symposium 2023 12/06/23 - "Eco-efficiency of Leys in Dairy Farming Systems"

24.07.2023 | Presentation
The Importance of Multi-species Grassland Leys in Crop Rotations to Enhance Ecosystem Services

Presented by Carsten S. Malisch, Jørgen Eriksen, Ralf Loges, John A.
Finn, Caroline Brophy and Olivier Huguenin-Elie as cooperation of Aarhus University (Denmark) Kiel University (Germany) Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), Teagasc (Ireland) and Agroscope

Part I - R4D Presentation at the 22nd EGF-Symposium 2023 12/06/23 - "Eco-efficiency of Leys in Dairy Farming Systems"

24.07.2023 | Presentation
Eco-efficiency of leys in farming systems
Presented by Friedhelm Taube, John K. Nyameasem, Friederike Fenger, Lianne Alderkamp, and Ralf Loges as cooperation of Kiel University (Germany) and Wageningen University (the Netherlands)

R4D Webinar 22/06/23 - Claw health in the dairy sector

18.07.2023 | Webinar
Presentation of the ClawCare project by veterinarian William Davy.

18/04/23 - Une méthode d’évaluation multicritère de la résilience des fermes laitières herbagères face au changement climatique en Bretagne

28.06.2023 | Presentation
Présentation du projet EIDER le 18/04/23 dans le cadre de l'UMT Riel.

R4D Webinar 22/06/23 - Contribution of Claw Health in Resilience of Belgium Dairy Farms

26.06.2023 | Webinar
Veterinarian William Davy and Sandra Debevere from Inagro presented the ClawCare research project and shared ideas on innovative tools for preventive and curative hoof trimming and lameness management in dairy cattle.

R4D Webinar 21/06/23 - L’esperienza di agronomia circolare della Società Agricola Capitello

22.06.2023 | Presentation
L’esperienza di agronomia circolare della Società Agricola Capitello

R4D Webinar 15/06/23 - Decision-making Tools for Forage Resources in Wallonia

19.06.2023 | Webinar
Caroline Battheu-Noirfalise (PhD student at Gembloux Agro-bio Tech, University of Liège, researcher at the Walloon Agricultural Research Centre) and David Mathy (Walloon Agricultural Research Centre) discussed the current and future adoption of DSTs by dairy farmers, and their preferences for specific types of tools. The use of DSTs such as remote sensing software in the Sunshine project offers farmers accurate monitoring, decision-making support, cost and time savings. This can contribute to more efficient grassland management and improved farm productivity.

R4D Webinar 15/06/23 - Forage Resources Management (Wallonia)

16.06.2023 | Presentation
What decision-making tools are available to dairy farmers? By Caroline Battheu-Noirfalise is a PhD student at Gembloux Agro-bio Tech, University of Liège, and a researcher at the Walloon Agricultural Research Centre.

R4D Webinar 15/06/23 - SUNSHINE Project (Wallonia)

16.06.2023 | Presentation
Conception of a remote detection software for grassland monitoring and management in collaboration with Walloon farmers. By David Mathy, a young researcher at the Walloon Agricultural Research Centre.

Article in the Newspaper « Réussir lait » about GAEC Vert de Lait's R4D pilot farm

16.06.2023 | Article
A very interesting article from the magazine "Réussir lait" presenting Franck Le Breton and Maud Cloarec's dairy farm, which has undergone a radical transformation since 2013. They have switched to organic farming and produce 190.000 liters of organic milk a year in a grassland system.

Webinar 08/06/23 - Testing & Implementing levers to decrease the Carbon footprint of dairy farms

12.06.2023 | Webinar
Valérie Brocard discussed the integration of practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve profitability in dairy production. The CAP'2ER tool is being used to assed environmental impacts in two French dairy systems, at Trévarez and La Blanche Maison. The presentation focuses on the impacts of implementing low carbon footprint in these systems.

R4D Webinar 31/05/23 - Helping Northern Ireland Dairy Farmers meet the carbon challenge

05.06.2023 | Webinar
Jason Rankin from AgriSearch (the Resilience for Dairy partner in Northern Ireland) outlined the challenging targets being set by policy makers and the supply chain for carbon reduction and initiatives that AgriSearch are undertaking to help farmers meet this challenge.

R4D Best Practice: Young stock weight measurement

23.05.2023 | Video
Dirk and Griet Vandecandelaere keep 110 dairy cows. They have a very efficient young stock management. In order to control the growth of the heighers they measure their weight on a regular basis. This allows them to reach the first calving age at 24 months. Subtitles EN

CAP'2ER®: a tool to evaluate and reduce environmental impact from dairy farms - Methodology

15.05.2023 | Presentation
CAP'2ER®: a tool to evaluate and reduce environmental impact from dairy farms.

R4D Webinar 10/05/23 - CAP'2ER tool and Carbon farming schemes in French livestock farms

15.05.2023 | Presentation
Presentation by Elisabeth Castellan on CAP'2ER: a tool to evaluate and reduce environmmental impact from dairy farms.

The results show that enteric fermentation is the main source of GHG emissions on a dairy farm. Results show that actions such as herd and crop management could contribute to reduce these emissions.

More than 29.000 diagnoses were conducted with this tool. To encourage farmers to implement good practices, the government offers economical compensation for reducing their emissions.

R4D Best practice: Handeled NIR Spectrometers

11.05.2023 | Video

Pilot farmer Steven and Fien van Parys

15.03.2023 | Video

Legume based forage production: Possibilities and limitations of a sustainable protein supply based on clovers

06.03.2023 | Presentation

R4D, è tutta questione di essere resilienti

27.02.2023 | Article

Legume based forage production: Possibilities and limitations of a sustainable protein supply based on clovers (Experiences from Northern Germany)

24.02.2023 | Webinar

Cross Visit Luxembourg pilotfarmers visit Frenh pilotfarmers

23.02.2023 | Article
Article describing what Luxembourgish farmers learned by visiting French colleagues. (Article in German language)

The role of the researcher in facilitating innovation

23.02.2023 | Presentation
R4D members participated in the EAAP conference in Davos by presenting how to foster innovation in agriculture with the example R4D project.

Conference CASESUS VENETI 2022

23.02.2023 | Presentation
For the second time different regions of R4D took part in the conference Caseus Veneti to present challenges and solutions of their regions.

Next generation workshop at IFMA conference

21.02.2023 | Article
Prior to the 23rd International Farm Management Congress (IFMA23) in Copenhagen, there was the possibility to join as young farmers the NextGen workshop. In total there were nine countries represented. On behalf of the Resilience for Dairy (R4D) project four young European farmers were participating.

Conference CASESUS VENETI 2021

21.02.2023 | Presentation
R4D Consortium Members and R4D pilotfarmers participated in Caseus Veneti Conference in Italy and presented main challenges and adaptations for higher resilience in different regions of Europe.

Climate friendly low cost pasture based dairy production on a mixed farm in Northern Germany

16.02.2023 | Presentation

Flyer Resilience for dairy NL

16.02.2023 | Flyer

Climatic friendly low cost pasture based dairy production on a mixed farm in Northern Germany

02.02.2023 | Webinar
Recent intensification in European dairy production is followed by serious environmental trade-offs questioning sustainability of current confinement production systems. Pasture is considered to be the cheapest forage, however its role in continental milk production is declining rapidly. This is the background for the interdisciplinary project: “Eco-efficient pasture-based milk production” that started 2016 at Kiel University’s research farm Lindhof in Northern Germany. In this webinar Dr. Ralf Loges from CAU Kiel is presenting results from the project.

GAEC Trouencon Farm description FR

16.01.2023 | Flyer
GAEC Le Trouencon is using a cross breeding system with pasture.

The CAP 2023-2027 and its impact on dairy and beef sector in Italy

09.01.2023 | Presentation

R4D Webinar Resilience of the Luxembourgish dairy sector 22/12/2022

02.01.2023 | Webinar
R4D connects dairyfarmers in Europe with the goal to exchange on solutions and best practices. In this webinar the dairy sector of Luxembourg is presented with its challenges and solutions.

Farm Exchange: Grass into milk in Germany

01.12.2022 | Article
Feedback of Farm Exchange of Irish dairyfarmers to Germany

Automatic Feed Pusher

24.11.2022 | Video
Automatic Feed Pusher help to reduce workload and increase feed intake of dairy cows. This innovative technology is applied on the R4D Pilotfarm Soc. Agr. Cervi Ciboldi in Italy.

NDAkis Meeting in Catalonia

22.11.2022 | Video
NDAkis Meeting between the Basque Country and Catalonia was held in Catalonia to share knowledge and experiences in the dairy cattle sector.

Flyer Resilience for Dairy - IT

18.11.2022 | Flyer

Resilience for Dairy: Main challenges and solutions in the Hungarian Dairy Sector

14.11.2022 | Webinar
The Hungarian sector is facing big challenges. Farm number is decreasing and the the milk production per farm is increasing rapidly. In this webinar
Levente Czegledi from University of Debrecen, Laszlo Bognar, CEO Hungarian Holstein Association and Gabor Bakos, dairy farmers are giving their views.

Lameness in dairy cows at pasture - An important challenge for Irish Dairy farmers

14.11.2022 | Webinar
Minimising the incidence of lameness in dairy cows was identified by farmers participating in the Resilience for Dairy project as an important contributor to the resilience of their dairy enterprise. During the webinar the principal types of lameness and solutions in grazing dairy cows are discussed .

How dairy farmers want to improve resilience? Main results of an European survey

15.09.2022 | Webinar

Farm Andrew Purcell in Ireland

29.08.2022 | Video

R4D in Ireland

29.08.2022 | Video

Pilot farm Brian McCracken

29.08.2022 | Video

Pilot farm Ian McClelland

29.08.2022 | Video

Flyer Resilience for Dairy - ES

02.08.2022 | Flyer

National Dairy Akis Meeting France

13.06.2022 | Video
Exchange on Soutions and Innovations

Resilience of the French Dairy Sector

13.06.2022 | Webinar
Resilience for Dairy: Resilience of the French Dairy Sector

Resilience for Dairy: Main challenges and solutions in the Dutch Dairy Sector

13.06.2022 | Webinar
Resilience for Dairy : Main challenges and solutions in the Dutch Dairy Sector

Flyer Resilience for Dairy - FR

22.02.2022 | Flyer

Flyer Resilience for Dairy - PL

22.02.2022 | Flyer

Flyer Resilience for Dairy - DK

22.02.2022 | Flyer

Flyer Resilience for Dairy - EN

22.02.2022 | Flyer

Resilience for Dairy Video

22.02.2022 | Video
Project presentation video...