Kaźmierczak Marek

R4D-PL-06 | Poland | Wójcin
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Dairy Cattle

Volume of milk production: 1 100 000 liters /year
Dairy cows: 95

Additional Information

From your point of view, why this farm is interesting to be followed in R4D ?

A growing farm, well organized, with a successor. They want change. They are looking to implement labor saving systems. Owners satisfied with herd health, care about animal welfare. Due to somatic cell problems, they want to change the type of bedding to something other than the current one (deep bedding). They would like to replace the air-conditioned milking parlor with a robotic milking system, but it is difficult for them to choose the right system for 100 cows.

Technical issues involved on this farm

Milk yield: 10000 l/cow; fat: 3,6%; protein: 4,0%; somatic cells 500K.

Environment, animal welfare and society friendly production systems

Animal welfare

Farm description sheet