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EARL de la Landerie - Aurélie Cauchard back

R4D-FR-07 | France | Savigny Business Management: Improve Stratetic Skills and Build Robust Business Models Ecological and Environmental Footprint/Mitigation of Climate Change/Inputs Efficiency Labour Conditions

dairy cows

449 000
liters /year

Additional Information

From your point of view, why this farm is interesting to be followed in R4D ?

Family farm with the aim to produce milk base on grass and with Normand cow.

Technical issues involved on this farm

Maximize milk quality (fat and proteins) with good quality of forage. Enhance the animal welfare. Grassland management

Environment, animal welfare and society friendly production systems

Tourists are regularly welcomed on the farm. There is a strong reflection on the dairy farming acceptability.

Farm description sheet

view farm description PDF view farm description PDF (national language)