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Hanno and Max Lammers back

R4D-Ger-08 | Germany | Winnert Not yet defined

dairy cows

1 310 000
liters /year

Additional Information

From your point of view, why this farm is interesting to be followed in R4D ?

Very efficient mixed farm, Nitrogen use efficiency is high, slurry from dairy cattle is used for arable crops. One of Germany's longest tradition constantly stocked short grass grazing 5 cm growing hight, this allows for extremely high forage quality and a reduced workload. The grazing platform is restricted, stocking rate and average yields have in creased, so the farm has decided to shift from compact spring to compact autumn calving to utilize the genetic potential of the cows better. Hanno is a young farmer the farm is designed so that he together with his long time retired father can mange the whole farm alone and mostly independent from external help. External help comes from cooperation with neighbor farms, were they help each other

Technical issues involved on this farm

New milking parlor and improved calving facilities, the farm is designed as one man farm, maximizing of grazing in combination with high yielding cows. Very well organised workload

Environment, animal welfare and society friendly production systems

High animal welfare: Grazing. Grazing saves energy and reduces NH4-emissions. Work-saving grassland management. Very old grassland, hold in top condition by regularly over-sowing, but newer ploughed or renewed, with high soil carbon stocks