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Flemish climate approach for dairy farmers - Climate pathway through the Klimrek climate tool

Klimrek is a climate pathway for dairy farmers. For this, a climate consultant 'goes out on the farm' with a targeted climate scan and climate course to support farmers in switching to a more climate-friendly and climate-robust business operation, where convenience for the farmer and economic feasibility are also taken into account.
The climate scan is a farm-specific screening tool that reveals where the climate impact of the farm lies. We develop a climate scan based on a life cycle analysis (LCA) with which the climate consultant visits the farmer to collect the necessary data. The consultant then visits the farm to propose and discuss measures with calculated scenarios. At the same time, a cost-benefit analysis is drawn up to estimate economic feasibility.
In the climate course, the climate consultant works with the farmer to find the climate measures that will make the farm most climate-friendly and/or climate-robust. Here, attention is also paid to practical feasibility. The consultant provides further support and guidance in applying the climate measures on the farm.
The development of the climate track is done in co-creation with various stakeholders to make the track as correct, user-friendly and supported as possible.

Speaker: Anna Demeyer