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GAEC Vert de Lait - Maud Cloarec back

R4D-FR-01 | France | Haut Corlay Dairy Cattle Management Labour Conditions Social Issues: Build Society Friendly System

dairy cows

205 000
liters /year

Additional Information

From your point of view, why this farm is interesting to be followed in R4D ?

Grass based farm (>75% of grazed grass in the ration). Reflection on climate change with implantation af hedges and permanent grassland

Technical issues involved on this farm

Grazing management. Dry off period (grouped calving). Once-a-day milking. Hedges implantation

Environment, animal welfare and society friendly production systems

Organic system. High level of environmental reslience : hedges, 100% permament grassland. Animal welfare : dairy cows indoor only 2 months per year. Problematic on valorisation of bull calves

Farm description sheet

view farm description PDF view farm description PDF (national language)