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Webinars about: Lameness in dairy cows pasture

Our partner TEAGASC is organising a serie of webinars about "Lameness in dairy cows at pasture".

Minimising the incidence of lameness in dairy cows was identified by farmers participating in the Resilience for Dairy project as an important contributor to the resilience of their dairy enterprise. Lameness is a painful disease that impacts a cows ability to move normally and is a major problem within the dairy sector worldwide.
A recent study conducted by Teagasc, the Irish research and advisory organisation, shows that at any given time, one in ten Irish dairy cows is lame. The worst performing 20% of dairy farms in the study had a lameness prevalence of 15-32%.
To better inform farmers of the principal causes of lameness and more importantly of the steps that they can take in minimising the incidence of the condition, Teagasc, one of the participating members of the Resilience for Dairy programme will host three short farmer-friendly webinars on Thursday morning 10th, 17th and 24th November at 11.00am CET (10.00am GMT). Facilitator of the first two webinars is Dr. George Ramsbottom, a dairy specialist with Teagasc. George has extensive experience in working with and training Irish and European dairy consultants and farmers in the area of pasture based milk production.  The facilitator for the third webinar in the series is Dr. Stuart Childs. Stuart has worked with Irish farmers and consultants for over 10 years and has an excellent understanding of the challenges associated with resilient pasture based milk production.


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