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R4D Presentation at the 22nd EGF-Symposium 2023 12/06/23 - "Eco-efficiency of Leys in Dairy Farming Systems"

2 Keynote-presentations about R4D-Solutions on the scientific EGF-Symposium 2023 hold June 11-14, 2023 at Vilnius, Lithuania with the general conference topic: The Future Role of Ley-Farming in Cropping


1. Eco-efficiency of leys in farming systems Presented by Friedhelm Taube, John K. Nyameasem, Friederike Fenger, Lianne Alderkamp, and Ralf Loges as cooperation of Kiel University (Germany) and Wageningen University (the Netherlands)

Link to presentation:

2. The Importance of Multi-species Grassland Leys in Crop Rotations to Enhance Ecosystem Services

Presented by Carsten S. Malisch, Jørgen Eriksen, Ralf Loges, John A.

Finn, Caroline Brophy and Olivier Huguenin-Elie as cooperation of Aarhus University (Denmark) Kiel University (Germany) Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), Teagasc (Ireland) and Agroscope


Link to the presentation: