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R4D Webinar 15/06/23 - Decision-making Tools for Forage Resources in Wallonia

R4D Webinar 15/06/23 - The Use and Prospects of Decision-making Tools for Forage Resources in Dairy Farming

Link to the video (English + Subtitles)

Caroline Battheu-Noirfalise (Gembloux Agro-bio Tech, Walloon Agricultural Research Centre) and David Mathy (Walloon Agricultural Research Centre). 

Presenters discussed the current and future adoption of DSTs by dairy farmers, and their preferences for specific types of tools. The use of DSTs such as remote sensing software in the Sunshine project offers farmers accurate monitoring, decision-making support, cost and time savings. This can contribute to more efficient grassland management and improved farm productivity.

Caroline Battheu-Noirfalise's presentation (English): here

David Mathy's presentation (English): here