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Workshop on Resilience 18/04/23 - Presentation by French researcher Olivier Thérond

An interesting presentation on the resilience of farming systems in temperate climate animated by researcher Olivier Thérond from INRAE - University of Lorraine (France) !

The recording of the whole webinar can be followed here (English subtitles available)

In literature, the major concepts to estimate the sustainability of agricultural systems are: stability, vulnerability, robustness, resilience (VRR), and adaptive capacity

The many researchers who have published on "resilience" aim to operationalize these concepts through two approaches: evaluation of system properties and dynamic analysis of performance (quantitative analysis). Publications on these concepts are increasing, but their practical application is still problematic. In fact, current works are scattered due to: 

- the lack of specific relationships between the criteria measured and the conceptual frameworks of resilience,
- the lack of multifunctional approach of the studied systems,
- the lack of ecological and social performance attributes, 
- the rarely studied adaptive capacity 
- the discrepancies between qualitative and quantitative approaches

 To identify the fine effects of agricultural practices, it is necessary to have large datasets covering several years and to use modeling to better understand the mechanisms involved. 

A very interesting discussion on the sustainability of agriculture, to be continued !
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