Minister Tobias Goldschmidt visited an R4D Farm

🇩🇪 The Schleswig-Holstein Minister of the Environment, Tobias Goldschmidt, visited the R4D pilot farm of Andreas Hobus on April 24th to learn about strategies to reduce the environmentally relevant nitrate-nitrogen leaching into the groundwater through innovative agricultural strategies. 
The following innovations, with which R4D farmer Andreas Hobus is trying to simultaneously avoid nutrient surpluses, reduce the purchase of energy-intensive mineral N fertilisers and increase consumer acceptance, were presented:
1) Reintroduction of grass-clover in arable forage production --> saves nitrogen 
2) Farm biogas plant based on farm manure and feed residues --> production of energy, improvement of fertiliser value
3) Reintroduction of grazing for the dairy cows --> reduction of feed costs animal welfare
4) Co-operation with a specialized arable farm --> reduces nutrients surpluses 
5) Extended crop rotations up to 6 crops --> increases biodiversity 
6) Integration of flower strips --> increases biodiversity and consumer acceptance 
7) Automatic farm shop allows consumers to visit a farm and have direct contact with the producer 


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