Recording Webinar Resilience of the Luxembourgish dairy sector 22/12/2022

In Luxembourg the dairy sector has shown an important evolution during the last ten years. Milk production has increased after quota abolition by more than 20% due to high investments in infrastructure. Today the sector is facing big challenges: the environmental impact of the sector has increased. Especially Ammonia emissions have to be reduced by 24 % during the next years.

During an R4D webinar  on  Thursday 22/12/2022  the project team from LycĂ©e Technique Agricole has  presented main challenges, opportunities  and needs from the dairy sector from Luxembourg.
The recording of the webinar is now online under

  • Dairy sector in Luxembourg
  • Main needs of the dairy sector
  • Presentations of best practices/solutions :
    • Sustainability tool of CONVIS sc. (advisory organisation of Luxembourg)


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